Sunday, December 9, 2007


Home I take off to go,
a 4 day weekend of snow;
coming in from everywhere,
me,I really don't care;
hams,and jams,pudding and pies,
a glorous feast to tantilize the eyes.
Once a year we all gather around,
adults and children-oh what a sound;
everyone talking about the year that's past,
me, I keep stuffing my face, hoping to be last;
finnally they all stop and look at me,
politely pointing to my mouth so they can see;
it will take a few moments to chew my food,
hopefully by then it will be a change of mood;
the kids are giggling looking at me,
probably my discomfort is what they see;
now it's my turn to speak,
looking around I feel like a geek;
thrying to think of something exciting to say,
"please, any diversion" is what I pray;
right before I begin to utter a sound,
we hear the rumbling and shaking of the ground;
the kids are up and to the window they go,
everyone has a look of confusion, they don't know.
The adults go outside so they can see,
all are looking around for what it could be;
finally one adults points up to the skys,
snow coming down,we must squint our eyes;
way in the distance far away,
something is there,but we cannot say;
fighter jets are flying past,
going back and forth very fast;
they seem nervious about what's in the sky,
leave it to old nana to say we're all going to die;
the other adults look at her and shake their head,
somebody wispers it's time for her to go to bed.
The kids are piled up at the door with glee,
all full of excitment trying to see;
whatever it is, it's headed this way,
we all start wondering if we should stay;
finally logic takes over at last,
someone shouts:"turn on the radio,fast".
Unfortunately,the kids get there first,
all wanting their station to play,tears begin to burst;
seems father knows what to do,
looks at the kids and says:"you don't like it-sue;"
finds a station that does just news,
everyone is quite trying to catch some clues;
the program is interuped with a special report,
there is an unidentified sighting of sort;
the local airbase has sent up planes,
radar sees nothing and this gives pains;
remain calm and stay indoors, the report does say,
stay tuned for futher developments thru the day;
the kids have started seculating what it could be.
such a vivid imagination even from the littlest one of three;
he says its monsters and demons coming to attack,
not to worry,cause he'll protect us all and fight them back;
this gives the kids a new avenue to play,
we adults still don't know what to say;
nightfall is here and the day is finally done,
the kids are all in bed,tired from their fun;
still nothing definite of what's in the sky,
even satilite pictures have a clouded eye.
Mother and father trying to remember where all the gifts are stashed,
hoping that none of the toys for the little ones are mashed;
in a few hours time it will be day,
with wrappings and boxes a complete disarray;
the kids are now up and running around,
full of excitement making Christmas sound;
chaos and confusion is what the day brings,
with all of us showing off all the new things.
Aunts and uncles still buying clothes the wrong size,
all of us wish they would really start to get wise,
the scientests finally agree as to what was in the sky,
it was a gentleman called Santa Claus was the reason why.
This Christmas started out like all the rest,
but so far this has turned out to be the very best.
So, whirther your gathering is large or small,
remember to be joyfull and full of cheer to one and all.

Monday, December 3, 2007


As you travel on this day,
remember what the lord does say,
love one another as if you,
words and actions speak love too;
always set His day aside,
these two things He asks to abide.
Light not shadow is the way,
this you walk every day;
helping others learn to see,
what god's love can trully be;
finding peace inside yourself,
and put worries on a shelf.
Alone you will never be,
walking together you and he.
So, as you travel on this day,
remember what to always say,
"The lord is my shepard,
He shall guide my way".


seasons greetings one and all,
welcome to a celebration on this ball;
the fun begins when we do say,
"I celebrate this very day";
A smile I pass to everyone I see,
eventually my smile returns to me;
the same warmth and joy that comes from me,
from the other person is what I do see;
So, pass a smile eveeywhere you go,
where it ends up, i do not know;
You may have to practise before you get it right,
but once you do, you will see the light;
it's not an easy task you see,
try many times so you can be;
passing on to everyone you see,
a smile of warmth and joy like it should be;
big and small, one and all,
join the celebration on this ball;
So, remember what to always say,
"I celebrate this very day".

Monday, November 26, 2007


Brush your teeth,wash your face,
today you get to present your case;
am I worthy or am i not?
This has been given conciderable thought;
Do i jump forward or stay in line?
I wish someone would give me a sign.
I scan the room for what I can see,
wait a minute...who's this standing next to me?
I have never seen this person before,
what do you mean there is another door?
Here they come marching in as one,
this will be a long day,i don't see this as fun;
lining up and ready to go,
who will be the first to throw?
vollying shots back and forth with glee,
looks like they're really out to get me;
head to head, toe to toe,
how much time is left to go;
suddenly I'm slaped in the face,
so much for my side of the case;
a few more days and it will be done,
am i locked up or do I see the sun;
need to talk to a representive of me,
to find out what he can truly see;
the judge is looking strangely this way,
this has not been a very good day;
I'm not guilty, I want to scream,
but no one is listening so it seems;
my side is really taking a toll,
it seems winning is not our goal.
So to the side line I do go,
my mind wasn't quick enough is all I know,
maybe tomorrow I'll have better luck,
trying to kick the ball instead of trying to duck.


There are many people who can't decide,
going thru life on a back seat ride,
never willing to sit at the wheel,
like a boat hitting the waves without a keal;
which direction should I go,
don't ask me, I don't know,
others look to me for advice,
I just flip the coin, or roll the dice;
life is to short to worry about the small,
just smile alot and have a ball;
mistakes are made to help us learn,
unless it's the same mistake, then you burn;
I don't ask you to walk my way,
just start out with a smile each day;
it's very simple once you see,
have joy in your heart and a smile of glee.
So,remember this as you walk the land,
don't worry,smile alot, for life is grand.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I'm calling to the sea,
if any messages are for me;
memories of the smile that I knew,
kisses from your lips that the wind blew;
the warm and gentle touch of you,
radiance of love that was so true.
Reaching outward to the sky,
your image, the only thing in my eye;
longing for the closeness of your face,
brings me back to another time and place.
When we were starting out- oh so young,
hand in hand,doing anything was fun;
"forever" we said we would be,
hand in hand,you and me.
We both joined the service of light,
for we knew this was absolutely right;
assignments given to strange lands we did go,
even apart we knew our love would grow;
never complaining, neither one of us would do,
they had chosen us, because our love was true.
You were the one full of love,
like the gentleness of a turtle dove;
I was the one who had been tamed,
you said it was me you had claimed.
Now many many years have passed,
they never told us how long this would last.
So, here I sit in the stillness of the night,
longing for your love that was so right;
loneliness and solitude,I sit upon the sand,
with only memories of us hand in hand;
hoping and yearning for a signal from you,
to give my heart life and become anew;
yet another night has past,
how much longer can I last?
Again, I put a call out to the sea,
to see if there are any messages
from you to me.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I knew some friends when i was young,
joy and happiness in our hearts we song;
together forever end ever we would be,
this was obvious for everyone to see;
we made a pack that we would hold,
our friendship would last as we got old;
nothing would ever tear us apart,
we gave an oath with blood from our heart;
no matter what obsticals came our way,
with support from each other it would be ok;
thru 12 years of school, we always stood be,
always giving a shoulder if one needed to cry;
marriage,dicorce,collage, and jail,
we were together no matter what the bail;
we knew that together we stood as one,
nothing was stronger except the light from the sun;
Then it all changed one day,
and you started to fade away;
first it was lillte things and it started out slow,
why didn't you tell us, I will never know;
you were different but you wouldn't say why,
you began hiding from us then you started to lie;
borrowing money from everyone you knew,
not doing the the things you normally do;
suddenly unable to hold down a job,
some say that you started to rob;
in and out of your house all night long,
the neighbors suspected something was wrong;
the type of people that hung out with you,
the criminal types and hookers too;
spiraling downward you did go,
we offered to help,but you kept saying 'no';
Then there was the call late one night,
you sounded scared and full of fright;
an abandon house was where you were,
you owed money or your death would accur;
supposedly you had left the house ,is what they had said,
outside someone came up and shot both of you in the head;
the years have passed, and I'm now old,
I continue to visit for a promise that was told;
I lost two of the most precious things to me,
my best friends I will never again see;
why didn't you listen to what they had said,
if you do 'crack', you will wined up dead.
So, when they say:"it hurts no one except for me",
that's an outright lie that they don't want to see.


I sing praises to your name,
my soul is what you claim,
the many things that you have put me thru,
shows to others what my faith is in you,
walking in the glory of the light,
doing what god expects of me and doing it right;
loving everyone that i can see,
including the lonely creature that is me;
brothers,sisters, we are one,
thru Christ Jesus,God's begotten son,
for He is the lamp upon my feet,
may God bless everyone that I meet,
So, I say this to you now,
I give alliance from my heart I vow;
forever and ever we shall be,
walking together He and me.


As i walked along one day,
I came across something of dismay;
a burning bush I did see,
this was really unusual to me;
had the flames of fire,but no heat,
i've seen tricks but this had them beat;
then i heard a voice not shouting but loud,
the only thing around was a vert large cloud;
I fell to my knees with worry and fright,
then i saw the most beautiful of light;
the voice spoke to me and said not to fear,
it was filled with loving kindness that was dear;
said I had to get his people together,
that they would leave egypt forever;
gave me a staff and words to say,
to tell the pharaoh that we were going away;
the pharaoh didn't want us to leave,
they had many gods, they could believe.
So I told him the plague would come,
he just sat there pretending to be dumb;
one by one they ravaged the land,
he refused to believe they were from God's hand;
it was he who chose the final cure,
it was the one that was the very worse;
that the new borns would all die,
right in front of their mother's eye;
the wailing was heard thoughout the night,
all the citizens awoke with fright;
all 12 tribes gathered as one,
collected our belongings then it was done;
we travelled all night and all day,
trying to keep the chariots at bay;
at the red sea we were blocked,
egyptians behind us,we thought we were locked;
I raised the staff above my head,
I did exactly what god had said;
the water parted for all of us to cross,
the egyptians were late and they all lost;
we gave our praises and thanks on the other side,
for we knew that our God had not lied;
God called me up to the mountain for a talk,
I told everyone i be going for a walk.
So up into the clouds i did go,
the rest of the people watched from below;
in stone his words were placed,
He said they were for the entire race;
after everything he had done,
his people worshiped idols in the sun.
we were punished for 40 years,
wondering about with constant tears;
Moses was my name,
and this was a story of my fame.
So take it from the man who knew,
God almighty will always be true.

Monday, October 29, 2007


No more violence, no more pains;
no more bloodshed, no more stains;
no more hatred, no more lies;
no more suffering, no one dies;
peace and happiness we shall be,
giving glory to the light of Thee.
The next time someone knocks on your door,
don't pre-judge until you hear some more;
this just might be the key you lost,
for it was thru Christ who paid the cost;
to break the chains of our sins,
that is where life eternal begins.
So begin to kneel and bow,
a book was written that tells us how,
this is one that from the start,
was written by the heart;
some say that it was by man,
we know that it came from the right side of the hand.
So open up to the middle of the book,
it's called 'New Testament' and take a good look;
read what it says about that man,
and the miracles he did as he walked the land;
then decide inside your mind,
if he was truly loving and kind,
if you do indeed agree;
then you will begin to see,
what's god's plan is for you and me.


I saw my Lord one day,walking down the street;
asked him where he was going,
the reply was someone i need to meet,
so i followed behind him as he continued on his way;
He traveled thru the night,and even futher thru the day;
He continued walking without even a moments stop,
me-I was becoming tired and knew soon i would drop.
sudenly he stopped and turned his head my way,
abrubtly I was taken back and knew not what to say;
standing silently there looking right into my eys,
I saw such great love and tenderness that i began my cries;
He gently placed his hands on me and said that i would be ok,
then He picked me up and said it's time to be on our way;
I finally had to ask him who He was to meet,
He said:"A very special person who i have waited for,
I have knocked many times but he never opened up the door."
Then why do you waist your time with a man to blind to see?
His reply was simple"This man is special onto me";
I slowly told him to go on and not to wait for me;
He just smiled and gently laughed,said i was who he was to see.
But lord, i'm no one special as i began to say;
He gently hushed me quite,and said no longer from this day;
you have followed in my footsteps no matter where i go,
never once complaining this i truly know.
Today the door was opened and full amount of light came in,
now you walk in righteousness forgiven for all your sins;
You are my precious child and i have watched you grow;
now that you are much older it's time you finally know;
every time that you had stumbled and fallen to the ground,
I stood there silently crying tears that had no sound;
I wanted to reach out to you,
and let you know all that i could do,
back then you did not listen to what i tried to say,
you said you were to busy, that maybe on a latter day;
then i decided to walk in front of you,
my love for you just grew and grew,
my heart is full of joy and delight,
for you are continuelly walking towards the light;
Now that you have seeked me out,
our journey takes a brand new route;
for now you and i shall be,
together thruout all eternity;
now you know that I am there,
and that I shall always care,
no matter where you go,
my love for you will always show;
So,as you step upon this land,
give praise to my father,
for he is grand.
In fellowship we will be,
for you are special onto me.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The winter nights'
they are so cold
there is no movement
no one is so bold
this is the time of season
one reflects with a reason
words and actions that were cast
of the seasons that have past
starting off when spring was born
many paths in fields worn
seeing all the many things
the different way life begins
from flowers in the ground
to the flying creatures that are bound
brother,sister, they have grown
so much bigger with admired tone
the young now come out to play
for this is a new and sunny day.
Summer brings the welcome of shade
some are natural, some are made
lazy days are required
waisting energy makes you tired
water sharing is a must
without liquid, we are but dust
changes of the leaves begins in fall
everyone knows this both big and small
the time to gather is at hand
food and supplies from the land
getting ready for a long winter nap
before the sprinkling of the white snow caps
another year that has passed
reflecting back
depends on how long winter will last.


Waking up late to start the day,
playing catch up is what you pay;
now it's time for mid-day break,
but there's so much paperwork,it's like a lake.
The boss is screaming down the hall,
telling everyone to get on the ball;
watching the clock,sets your pace,
but it's like being in a losing race;
finally it's time to go,
now the traffic,don't you know,
dealing with the utterly insane,
idiot people trying to change lane;
finally at home,safe and sound,
a chance to breath, no one's around,
the worries of the day are left behind,
now it's time to relax and unwind;
with the setting of the sun,
you know the day is finally done.
The many colors in the sky,
gives a visual delight to the eye;
every day it's always new.
So when the day has been really tough,
and you fell that you've had enough;
sit outside and watch the sky,
see the beauty to the eye;
the final finish of the day,
a beautiful sunset in every way.


What a friend you are to me,
you are what it's suppose to be;
in our lifetime many people come and go,
it's the good ones that you always know.
I'm a very lucky man you see,
with someone like you, i have to be;
thru the steps that we have had,
you have always made me glad;
when i count my friends on my hand,
i start with you ,for you are grand;
you are truely one of the best,
far superior than the rest;
in the good times and the bad,
you have stood beside me
it makes me very glad.
I can never go wrong with you,
smart,witty and beauty too.
So i have to say,
you are sunshine on a rainy day.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Dancing lights in the sky,
tears of sorrow to my eye;
things remembered, things forgot;
things of memory that is sought,
fleeting glimses of the past,
friends and family that were cast.
Learning together how to be,
all were thinking "us", not me;
old and young, we were together,
striving to make our village better;
passing on what we earned,
having our young schooled and learned.
In the ways that were taught to us,
every young one, it was a must.
How one walked upon the land
is what made our people grand.
People knew us when we came,
honor and nobility in our name.
Tools of life were made with skill,
unlike anything from a mill.
Stories good and bad were said,
of the living and the dead.
All things of the land we knew,
what was what, and who was who.
Creatures of the land and sky,
were brothers and sisters in our eye;
peace and harmony was our way,
this we breathed every day.
Then there was a rip in space;
that brought forth the evil face;
screams and howlers were the sound,
shook our village and the ground,
turned the day into night,
all the creatures stood in fright.
Planes were made to get away,
women and children would leave that day.
The old remained and stayed as bait,
knowing that they sealed their fate.
Every direction we did go,
air and water,land and snow,
with the creatures we had fled,
all except the injured and the dead.
No one knew where the others went,
promises that messages would be sent.
So, we travelled to the stars,
memories of loved ones inside jars.
Across the distance of time and space,
all had traveled at a frantic pace.
Until we thought enough time had passed,
then we gave our thanks at last.
Celebrations done at night,
dancing to the stars of light;
hoping that the ones we knew,
were out there dancing too.
To different worlds we did land,
with no choice but to stand;
constantly looking in the sky,
some remembering ,some wondering why.
Looking at the stars all the nights,
waiting for a signal of the dancing lights.
The very young are much older now,
doing things and wondering how;
though loved ones are far apart,
each determined to make a new start;
to teach others what to do,
the young,the old,and even the new.
Mixing with the people of these lands,
passing our abilities in their gene strands.
Sharing of the ways of light,
so that all can reach new heights.
This is our peoples' way,
this we do every day,
helping others learn to grow,
teaching of light is what we know.
But in the quiteness of the night,
we still look for the signal of the dancing lights.
Our hearts still yearn for those we knew,
once we were many,now we are few.
It's been a long time since i danced the song,
I look around... so many friends are gone.
So, when you look at the stars at night,
please....please tell me , if you see the dancing lights.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


You are a lighthouse standing strong,
giving guidence to all that come along,
standing on top of a cliff,
or standing by a shore,
or standing on an island even more,
giving comfort on a dark and stormy night,
relieving the tension and dispell the fright,
the light that seen far out from sea,
telling others that home they soon will be,
when it's time to stand your post,
giving light along the coast,
making sure that all can see,
the powerful light that comes from thee.
Only one house is built to hold the light,
that is why you stand upright,
reaching out into the sky,
telling all they need not cry,
like a heartbeat in the night
pulsating the might light,
thru all different seasons
and all types of weather,
giving comfort and reasurance
to all creatures including the feather,
this is something that you do with grace,
for pride and stability is your base.
So, raise your head and hold it high,
you are the Mighty Lighthouse....
that is why.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Here i sit and ponder,
thru the window I look yonder;
to see if anyone passes by,
maybe they'll stop and wave a 'hi';
or maybe something will catch my eye,
a dog, a squirrel,or even a butterfly.
I see someone that i don't know,
could it be a friend or is it a foe;
they haven't seen me looking yet,
their mind is on other things I bet;
it's not that I'm to small to see,
it's just that they're to tall to be.
they're to busy looking on the ground,
to see all the things that are around;
the many patterns in the sky,
gives wonderment to the eye;
leaves that have fallen from the tree,
the different shades of color for all to see;
a piece of paper rolling down the way,
so many things,I can not say;
patiently sitting by the window frame,
looking content and ever so tame;
but let a mouse or lizzard cross my path,
and watch me leap with a tiger's wraith,
I might softly 'meow' instead of a roar,
but don't be fooled, I know so much more.
We've been honored and revered thoughout the ages,
we've been there at mankind's different stages;
wheither building pyramids out of stone,
or attempting to cast spells with animal bones;
you see I'm heir to a long mystical line,
it's cause I'm a cat, I'm one of a kind.

Sunday, July 8, 2007


If i came to you with a sigh,
would you give your shoulder so i could cry;
if i asked you for a helping hand,
would you push me down into the sand;
If you were given a chance to right a wrong,
would you do it quickly or would you take very long;
If i had a special gift to give,
and it showed you a better way to live;
would you share with everyone you knew,
or be selfish and keep it just for you,
If someone gave their life for you,
would you remember and honor them too.
Well, a person did do this,
to give you soul eternal bliss.
He died for us in a forien land,
to show God's love is truly grand;
2000 years ago this did accur,
now today it seems like a blur.
If you were to die on this day,
when you saw god, what would you say;
would he be familar with your name,
or would you have to make your claim;
to explain how your life has gone,
all the right , and all the wrong;
would it balance out for you,
to go to heaven and become a new;
or would it wind up with a sigh,
and down you go to forever fry.
If it's difficult to present your case,
what would it be like face to face;
to make it easy for you to go,
here is something you should know.
akey was given for heaven's door,
it would unlock it forever more;
to make it work from the start,
you have to believe with the heart;
that god sent his only begotten son,
who rose again before the day was done.
This is the secret to get you in,
with christ on your side, you will always win.


I've done many things in my life,
some of chaos,some of strife;
many places i have been,
being wild since i was ten;
on the streets i did live,
taking anything but i would not give,
then one day i heard of you;
this was a concept totally new,
here was someone who thought of me,
thought of the best of what i could be;
many relationships i have had,
never long and always sad;
So,when i got to know you,
and found out all that you could do;
I had to stop and wonder why,
you had chosen me,the center of your eye;
I heard the words you had said,
gives me peace of mind when i go to bed,
warm and safe inside your arms,
nothing of the world can do me harm;
I now know what love can truelly be,
because of you i now can see;
the earth and stars can pass away,
but your loving words will forever stay;
So, I pledge the heart and soul of me,
that i shall always walk in the light of Thee.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Mothers are the queens of our heart,
this they capture right from the start;
Mothers start each day witha smile and a hug,
making sure at night you are safe and tightly snug.
Mother dry the teers from your eyes,
giving cheers when you are full of sighs.
Mother tolerate all the dumb things that we do,
for in their eyes, you're still a child of but only two.
Mothers have the magic to turn bad into good,
they don't say what you can't;but,say what you could.
mothers make the outside world seem far far away,
always in your corner. leting you know they will stay.
Mothers are the cream of the crop,
on any list of bestness, they're always on the top.
So as i kneel upon one knee,
and give my thanks to the lord that be,
I pledge my honor to none other,
than to you, my Mother.


my father paints the summer,
with the colors that will be;
orange,red,blue,and green,
that is what we see.
My father paints the reaching skies,
with cloud puppets for the eyes;
different characters that they be,
some are looking at each other,
some are looking right at me.
My father paints the landscape
that makes up all the ground;
bushes,trees,rocks,and boulders,
everything that is around.
My father paintsthe quitness,
that only one can hear,
whispers of stillness,
from the heart to the ear.
My father paints a picture
for my soul to see,
the he has made everything
to give blessings onto me.
Mt father paints with perfection,
making brush strokes full of love;
letting me know that he has painted me,
as He smiles down from above.
So, if you ever wonder how grand it all can be.
Look into a mirror, a at the wonderment of thee.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


To make the circle stand,
it is the divine relationship of man;
building blocks to hold you in,
this was one of the original sins,
the circle spirals upward or down,
the attitude is simple either a smile or a frown,
left foot,right foot,wrong, right.
Do you walk in darkness or in Light?
The only answer there can be,
it's ...either/or.....I hope you see,
simple is the way we talk,
it is also how we walk,
So listen to the heartbeat of the land,
and you'll see why the creator is so grand,
the next time you feel like dancing in a ring,
do so proudly and let your spirit sing,
spirits of the circle that we are,
wheither we're near or very far,
together we shall always be,
dancing in a circle for the glory of Thee,
for we know that it is right,
dancing in the circle of Light.

Monday, April 23, 2007


One circle makes the land,
one circle is where we stand;
brothers,sisters, we are one,
as seen thru the eyes of the sun;
the old tell stories to the young,
of the great deeds that were done;
simple tales of how things were,
before the earth spirit became a blur;
now with buildings,cars,and roads,
we are losing the original codes.
"Respect all" is what was said,
this was given from the heart to the head.
"Judge not others", until you know,
how they themselfs made their bow.
"Take only what you need",
cut it down,then plant a seed.
"Look to nature" when in doubt,
this is what it's all about.
Remembering on how we are to be,
intune with everything that we see;
all of us are together,
this shall be for ever and ever.
So head held high and show no fear
this is why we are still here.


I look at the stars in the sky,
and have to stop and ponder why;
I wonder what that light is for,
is it to another door?
are there people on the other side?
Would they look like me,or have a different hide?
Do they wonder about the stars above,
and do they have a concept called love?
How far would you say I have to go,
in order to find out and really know?
Would it take a lifetime or would it be more,
before I finally reach the light above the dooor?
Every night I look at the stars in the sky,
it's as though they're blinking to my eye;
sending me a signal that I can not read,
is it an invitation or a warning to take heed.
I can't stop looking at the vast sea of light,
maybe it's purpose is to keep away the things of fright.
All I know is that I'm happy when I see,
all those lights blinking back at me.
What they are there for I really can not say,
all I know, I'm thankfull for at night they guide my way.
So, if you ever find out why they're in thwe sky,
please don't tell me,cause I enjoy wondering why.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Where should I be
while sitting in a tree?
This is the thought
that has accurred to me.
Branches at the top
back and forth they sway,
all the night, and all the day.
The center is to crowded,
many who landed,and the doubted.
The bottom branches are to low;
also big animals reach up
don't you know.
So thinking where to be
while sitting in a tree,
takes alot of concentration
for a little thing like me.
Gazing up into the sky,
watching all the clouds go by,
seeing all my fellow friends
flying up and up so high.
I wonder what they think of,
while looking down at me;
trying to figure out
where to place me in the tree.
I bet I look quite strange
for all of them to see,
a little bird like me (giggle)
standing next to the tree.

Monday, April 9, 2007


come fly with me,
and you will see,
the wonderment of the eye,
things that earthers think of... only with a sigh;
above the tree tops, and over the hills,
soaring on wind currents, this gives us thrills;
far far away we can see,
and see on the ground the tiny bubble bee;
higher and higher we can go,
no other creature will ever know,
what it's like to touch the 'sun',
this is the ultimate when it comes to 'fun';
hours and hours soaring above,
to us this is the greatest form of love;
walking on the land, or swimming in the sea,
no other creature I would rather be.
for 'we' are the only ones born to fly,
"We are the Masters of the sky."

Sunday, April 1, 2007


When I first heard his name,
I knew that to me He had a claim;
an unworthy soul I thought I was,
for all my sins was the reason because.
He said that I special in his eye,
and that was why his son did die;
from that day on, I have walked,
and studied his word so i could talk;
guided by his gentle hand,
I now walk proudly upon the land.
He has shown the way for me,
and i'm not afraid for others to see.
I give glory of Thee to one and all,
to every creature big and small;
brother,sister that are we,
forever and ever we shall be.
He is the answer to all our prayers,
all our dreams,hopes,and cares,
thru him I now can see,
what god's love can truly be.
I'm now reborn in his sight,
he's filled my body full of light.
He's my savior now can't you see,
I pledge my soul forever to be.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


As you travel on this day,
remember what the Lord does say;
love one another as if you,
words and actions ,show love too,
keep His day set aside,
these two things he asks to abide.
Light not shadow is the way,
this is what you travel today.
He will always be your guide,
step by step, stride by stride,
alone you will never be
walking together, you and he.
He is the key to every door
all shall open forever more,
faith and belief is what they say,
start right now this very day,
give Him all that makes up you,
and he will rebuild and make you new.
In his light you will grow,
and with his love you will know;
You are a reflection of his light;
darkness cowards from your sight.
Speading his love to all that be,
helping others to learn to see.
So, head held high and show no fear,
this is part of the reason why you are here.
Stepping out upon this day,
remember what to always say:
"The Lord is my shepard, He shall guide my way".

Monday, March 19, 2007

Riding a Rainbow

Riding on a rainbow,would be fun to me
all the colors that you and i can see
red,orange,blue, and green
shades of colors in between
thet say at the rainbow's end is a pot of gold
when i finished ridingit, i would be too old
riding a rainbow in the middle of the sun
sounds like it would bo lots and lots of fun
riding on a rainbow, what a wonderment to the eye
wheither its a full arch or just a patch of sky
when the rain clouds come in from above
once its' over then you get to soo God's love
with a wave of his finger, makes the rainbow band
for all to see his love for us is grand
what color would you start with, end up, or become
or you might be a collection, a total of the sum
whatever color you decide
it will touch you deep inside
so, the next you see a rainbow floating in the sky
imagine what it would be like riding it so high.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007


COSTS NOTHING....but givesmuch;it enriches those who recieve,without making poorer those who give.It takes only a moment, but the memory of it sometimes lasts forever. No one is so rich or mighty that he/she can get along without it - and no one is so poor but what he can be made rich by it. A'smile' creates happiness in the home, fosters good-will in business, and is the symbol of friendship. It brings rest to the weary, cheer to the discouraged, sunshine to the sad, and it's Nature's best antidote for trouble. Yet it cannot be brought, borrowed, beeged, or stolen, for it is something that is of no value to anyone until it is given away.Some people are too tired to give you a smile. Give them one of yours, as no one needs a smile so much as the one who has no more to give!
The more you give it out, the more it will return back to you.

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Stars at night

Why do we look at the stars at night,
at the vast sea of sparkling light?
A child's wonderment that's in our eye,
with calm and peacefulness within us lye;
no longer thinking of time and space,
looking at the stars,we'rein another place.
Remembering a time when we weren't alone,
this touches us in the center of our bone;
groups and clusters we did name,
anywhere on earth it is the same;
remembering a story that once was told,
of a people who were adventurous and bold;
maybe its a way to remind us how to get back;
our charts and compasses, we now do lack;
to go beyond what we can see,
maybe this is how it's suppose to be;
or maybe inside of us there is a light,
that can't be seen with ordinary sight;
and it reaches out to the light above,
to make the connection we call love.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Star Tibe

Star Tribe walk the land
disguising themselves the best they can
coming back from the stars
having memories.leaving scars
not physical ones that you can see
unless you can look inside of thee
inside where the Spirit dwells
thoughts and stories that it tells
of when they first began
before they walked upon the land
travelling distances from far away
landing on earth, making their stay
helping the people that are here
to start to grow and overcome fear
this is part of the original plan
no more doubts of I think I can
to become beacons of light
and chase away all the fright
They came to help mankind survive
to them everything becomes alive
the creatures big and small
fellowship with one and all
sky people walked the ground
limited by physical bounds
passing their abilities in our genes
the rest of the universe, we're only teens
they would return one day, they said
thoughts and memories still in our head
they told us when we dance on the ground
that they will hear the Spirit sound
to them it matters not time and space
when we dance, we're in a different place
so brothers, sisters, join with me
a celebration dance for all to see
for we are the children that were cast
from the Star tribe of the past.