Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Sister sister

Star Sister Star Sister where are you?
Star Sister Star Sister I am new;
   Star sister Star sister I am here,
   Star sister Star sister You are so dear;
Star Sister Star Sister "You are WOW."
   Star sister Star sister I am NOW.
Star Sister Star Sister Can i be?
   Star sister Star sister just like me;
Star Sister Star Sister will i grow?
   Star sister Star sister most certainly this i know;
   Star sister Star sister says with glee,
Star Sister Star Sister
We are Wheeee.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Life was not so simple,when we first began,
filled with love and togetherness is what our hearts sang;
the joy and happiness that we had
made nothing ever seem that sad;
struggling made us stronger,that was the original plan,
with heads held high as we walked upon the land
overcoming obstacles were exercises of the mind,
of all the creatures that were around
we knew we were one of a kind;
making pathways on the earth
we did this from our birth;
swimming in the ocean's Waters
was taught to our sons and daughters;
they did this just for fun,
lying on the sandy beaches soaking up  the sun;
then a thought accurred to us laying there one day,
to explore every avenue that came across our way.
So we ventured outward over all the lands,
sharing new experiences, knowing life was grand;
wetland,dry land,dessert,and snow,
we saw it all and further we did go;
up the mountains, and over the hills,
pushing the boundaries gave us the thrills,
thoughts of "can't" and "could not do"
were words and meanings we never knew;
father and farther we did go
never accepting thoughts of "couldn't" or of "no";
so then one day we had to stop,
for before us was a mighty drop;
as far as we could see,
was a vast distance like a sea.
we couldn't see if land was over there,
just lots of clouds, and wind ,and air.
So, one chosen to take the chance,
the rest of us would stay and dance;
singing and dancing thru out the night,
giving love and support to his great flight;
a running start he did take,
with the attitude of:"Hey, a piece of cake";
as he dived into the skies,
all watched with cheering eyes,
farther and farther he did sail,
no one thought that he would fail;
On the far side he did finally land,
looked about and saw it was grand;
the joy and wonderment that he did see,
couldn't believe that it happened to he.
He had to share this with the others,
he'd go back and bring his sisters and brothers;
running off the cliff with glee,
looking straight ahead,for clouds were all you could see;
when he finally had returned,
he tried to tell what he learned;
everyone gathered and stood in awe,
they couldn't believe what they saw,
on his back was 2 golden rings,
protruding from them was 2 golden wings;
everyone was talking so fast,
until someone shouted:"wait a minute", at last.
everyone stopped and looked where it had come,
and there with her arms folded stood a small little one.
She didn't wait a single beat,
to announce that it all sounded ever so neat;
"we danced here as he went far away,
but, it's time to follow wouldn't you say."
everyone nodded their heads with glee,
for she was correct, this they all could see.
They all left everything that they had,
not thinking twice, not thinking sad;
stepping up to the cliff as one,
all did a running start and then it was done;
hand in hand,into thew air they did fly,
soaring thru clouds;"man what a great high"
on the other side they finally did land,
rejoicing together, still hand in hand.
What a great feeling they had shared,
so happy,because together they had dared;
the little ones were bubbling with joy,
to them this was better than a brand new toy;
they knew how to walk,they knew how to run,
but being able to fly, was the ultimate fun.
So, before anyone could tell them to wait or to stop,
they ran back to the cliff and took a big hop;
over the side they did go,
not sure how to fly,they were to young to know;
soon their parents were coming to their aid,
the worries and fears did rapidly fade;
once all together the families did fly,
up farther and farther into the sky.
They noticed the adults all had wings,
but the little ones only had 2 golden rings;
when they returned to the far side of the land,
all their belongings were laying in the sand.
Everyone hugged and gathered around,
for this was a new life together they found;
exploring the tree tops,mountains, and hills,
a whole new concept, that gave them thrills;
the little one practised jumping about,
hoping their wings would begin to sprout.
A new way of life had begun,
now all strived to reach the sun;
through the way of life was the same,
the concept of flying became a game;
they practised their stalls,loops, and dives,
these new principals were changing their lives;
higher and higher they wanted to go,
for what reason, no one did know.
They burned up energy faster than before,
they now needed a building, they'd call it a store.
So permanent structures began to rise,
for food, clothes, and other supplies.
The little ones were big and now able to fly,
with joy and excitement still in their eyes;
but the old old adults were tired and sore,
they knew in their hearts, they would fly no more.
So, carriages were made upon the ground,
places to sit,with devices that made wind sound.
You see many people had homes in the trees,
so they could hear the wind's silent breeze;
the old old were very happy of this,
for the wind sound gave a felling of bliss.
The old old then moved farther away,
"They had lost their wings"; is what some did say;
soon others moved out there as well,
to find new things to trade and sell.
After some time there were people everywhere,
riding in carriages and flying in the air.
The new young ones had to decide,
they could either fly, or they could ride;
"seems like everyone knew how to fly",
let's try something new, and said goodbye to the sky;
fewer and fewer were developing their wings,
soon many were born with having no rings;
in the towns and cities that they did go,
allot of doubts developed, don't you know.
Where to place a stop light on a busy thoroughfare?
What color should i dye my own hair?
How much food should my storage box hold?
What do i do when it got really cold?
Why is his carriage different than mine?
Where should i take my friends out to dine?
These were some of the questions that came,
in all the cities and towns it was the same;
people were doubting all kinds of things,
in towns and cities this is what it brings.
No longer having the need to explore,
they were more concerned about locking the door.
The thoughts and attitudes of "if I could",
were replaced with "when i get a vacation,then i would".
No one bothered looking into the sky,
seems they had no time to just wonder "why";
it finally happened, the wings were all gone,
marking an end of an era, where your heart had a song;
arguing and doubting now were all abound,
nobody realized why they were stuck on the ground;
faded memories inside of a dream,
thoughts of happiness,so it did seem.
A positive outlook waking each day,
like feeling the first drops of the sun's new ray,
full of love and happiness that your heart want to sing,
alas,........now it's just a memory of when we first had wings.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mists of Memories

Family and friends that you know,
fading memories that go slow;
the slow hazing of a person's mind,
those that are thought of in kind.
Stories changed as time goes by,
remembering clearly is a sigh;
physical ailments begin to set in,
thinking that this is such a sin.
I can remember when i was young,
full of strength and so much fun;
wasn't anything i couldn't do,
now thinking back makes me blue;
thoughts and feeling i have now,
to the younger generation i do bow.
Embrace life and never let go,
for memories are the jewls, you know.
So when you get as older as me,
mists of memories is what you see.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Star tribe walked the land,
disguissing themselvs the best they can;
coming back from the stars,
having memories, leaving scars;
not physical ones that you can see,
unless you can look inside of thee;
inside where the spirit dwells,
thoughts and stories that it tells;
of when they first began,
before they walked upon the land;
travelling distances from far away,
landing on earth,making their stay;
helping the people that are here,
to start to grow and overcome fear;
this is part of the original plan,
no more doubts of i think i can;
to become becons of light,
and chase away the fright;
they came to help mankind survive,
to them everything became alive;
the creatures big and small,
fellowship with one and all;
sky people walked the ground,
now limited by physical bounds;
passing their abilities in our genes,
to the rest of the unverse,we're only teens;
they would return one day, they said,
thoughts and memories in our head;
they told us, that when we dance on the ground,
that they would hear the spirit sound;
to them it matters not time and space,
when we dance,we are in a different place.
So, brothers,sisiters, join with me,
a celbration dance for all to see;
for we are the children that were cast,
from the Star tribe of the past.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Home I take off to go,
a 4 day weekend of snow;
coming in from everywhere,
me,I really don't care;
hams,and jams,pudding and pies,
a glorous feast to tantilize the eyes.
Once a year we all gather around,
adults and children-oh what a sound;
everyone talking about the year that's past,
me, I keep stuffing my face, hoping to be last;
finnally they all stop and look at me,
politely pointing to my mouth so they can see;
it will take a few moments to chew my food,
hopefully by then it will be a change of mood;
the kids are giggling looking at me,
probably my discomfort is what they see;
now it's my turn to speak,
looking around I feel like a geek;
thrying to think of something exciting to say,
"please, any diversion" is what I pray;
right before I begin to utter a sound,
we hear the rumbling and shaking of the ground;
the kids are up and to the window they go,
everyone has a look of confusion, they don't know.
The adults go outside so they can see,
all are looking around for what it could be;
finally one adults points up to the skys,
snow coming down,we must squint our eyes;
way in the distance far away,
something is there,but we cannot say;
fighter jets are flying past,
going back and forth very fast;
they seem nervious about what's in the sky,
leave it to old nana to say we're all going to die;
the other adults look at her and shake their head,
somebody wispers it's time for her to go to bed.
The kids are piled up at the door with glee,
all full of excitment trying to see;
whatever it is, it's headed this way,
we all start wondering if we should stay;
finally logic takes over at last,
someone shouts:"turn on the radio,fast".
Unfortunately,the kids get there first,
all wanting their station to play,tears begin to burst;
seems father knows what to do,
looks at the kids and says:"you don't like it-sue;"
finds a station that does just news,
everyone is quite trying to catch some clues;
the program is interuped with a special report,
there is an unidentified sighting of sort;
the local airbase has sent up planes,
radar sees nothing and this gives pains;
remain calm and stay indoors, the report does say,
stay tuned for futher developments thru the day;
the kids have started seculating what it could be.
such a vivid imagination even from the littlest one of three;
he says its monsters and demons coming to attack,
not to worry,cause he'll protect us all and fight them back;
this gives the kids a new avenue to play,
we adults still don't know what to say;
nightfall is here and the day is finally done,
the kids are all in bed,tired from their fun;
still nothing definite of what's in the sky,
even satilite pictures have a clouded eye.
Mother and father trying to remember where all the gifts are stashed,
hoping that none of the toys for the little ones are mashed;
in a few hours time it will be day,
with wrappings and boxes a complete disarray;
the kids are now up and running around,
full of excitement making Christmas sound;
chaos and confusion is what the day brings,
with all of us showing off all the new things.
Aunts and uncles still buying clothes the wrong size,
all of us wish they would really start to get wise,
the scientests finally agree as to what was in the sky,
it was a gentleman called Santa Claus was the reason why.
This Christmas started out like all the rest,
but so far this has turned out to be the very best.
So, whirther your gathering is large or small,
remember to be joyfull and full of cheer to one and all.

Monday, December 3, 2007


As you travel on this day,
remember what the lord does say,
love one another as if you,
words and actions speak love too;
always set His day aside,
these two things He asks to abide.
Light not shadow is the way,
this you walk every day;
helping others learn to see,
what god's love can trully be;
finding peace inside yourself,
and put worries on a shelf.
Alone you will never be,
walking together you and he.
So, as you travel on this day,
remember what to always say,
"The lord is my shepard,
He shall guide my way".