Monday, April 23, 2007


One circle makes the land,
one circle is where we stand;
brothers,sisters, we are one,
as seen thru the eyes of the sun;
the old tell stories to the young,
of the great deeds that were done;
simple tales of how things were,
before the earth spirit became a blur;
now with buildings,cars,and roads,
we are losing the original codes.
"Respect all" is what was said,
this was given from the heart to the head.
"Judge not others", until you know,
how they themselfs made their bow.
"Take only what you need",
cut it down,then plant a seed.
"Look to nature" when in doubt,
this is what it's all about.
Remembering on how we are to be,
intune with everything that we see;
all of us are together,
this shall be for ever and ever.
So head held high and show no fear
this is why we are still here.


I look at the stars in the sky,
and have to stop and ponder why;
I wonder what that light is for,
is it to another door?
are there people on the other side?
Would they look like me,or have a different hide?
Do they wonder about the stars above,
and do they have a concept called love?
How far would you say I have to go,
in order to find out and really know?
Would it take a lifetime or would it be more,
before I finally reach the light above the dooor?
Every night I look at the stars in the sky,
it's as though they're blinking to my eye;
sending me a signal that I can not read,
is it an invitation or a warning to take heed.
I can't stop looking at the vast sea of light,
maybe it's purpose is to keep away the things of fright.
All I know is that I'm happy when I see,
all those lights blinking back at me.
What they are there for I really can not say,
all I know, I'm thankfull for at night they guide my way.
So, if you ever find out why they're in thwe sky,
please don't tell me,cause I enjoy wondering why.

Monday, April 16, 2007


Where should I be
while sitting in a tree?
This is the thought
that has accurred to me.
Branches at the top
back and forth they sway,
all the night, and all the day.
The center is to crowded,
many who landed,and the doubted.
The bottom branches are to low;
also big animals reach up
don't you know.
So thinking where to be
while sitting in a tree,
takes alot of concentration
for a little thing like me.
Gazing up into the sky,
watching all the clouds go by,
seeing all my fellow friends
flying up and up so high.
I wonder what they think of,
while looking down at me;
trying to figure out
where to place me in the tree.
I bet I look quite strange
for all of them to see,
a little bird like me (giggle)
standing next to the tree.

Monday, April 9, 2007


come fly with me,
and you will see,
the wonderment of the eye,
things that earthers think of... only with a sigh;
above the tree tops, and over the hills,
soaring on wind currents, this gives us thrills;
far far away we can see,
and see on the ground the tiny bubble bee;
higher and higher we can go,
no other creature will ever know,
what it's like to touch the 'sun',
this is the ultimate when it comes to 'fun';
hours and hours soaring above,
to us this is the greatest form of love;
walking on the land, or swimming in the sea,
no other creature I would rather be.
for 'we' are the only ones born to fly,
"We are the Masters of the sky."

Sunday, April 1, 2007


When I first heard his name,
I knew that to me He had a claim;
an unworthy soul I thought I was,
for all my sins was the reason because.
He said that I special in his eye,
and that was why his son did die;
from that day on, I have walked,
and studied his word so i could talk;
guided by his gentle hand,
I now walk proudly upon the land.
He has shown the way for me,
and i'm not afraid for others to see.
I give glory of Thee to one and all,
to every creature big and small;
brother,sister that are we,
forever and ever we shall be.
He is the answer to all our prayers,
all our dreams,hopes,and cares,
thru him I now can see,
what god's love can truly be.
I'm now reborn in his sight,
he's filled my body full of light.
He's my savior now can't you see,
I pledge my soul forever to be.