Sunday, December 9, 2007


Home I take off to go,
a 4 day weekend of snow;
coming in from everywhere,
me,I really don't care;
hams,and jams,pudding and pies,
a glorous feast to tantilize the eyes.
Once a year we all gather around,
adults and children-oh what a sound;
everyone talking about the year that's past,
me, I keep stuffing my face, hoping to be last;
finnally they all stop and look at me,
politely pointing to my mouth so they can see;
it will take a few moments to chew my food,
hopefully by then it will be a change of mood;
the kids are giggling looking at me,
probably my discomfort is what they see;
now it's my turn to speak,
looking around I feel like a geek;
thrying to think of something exciting to say,
"please, any diversion" is what I pray;
right before I begin to utter a sound,
we hear the rumbling and shaking of the ground;
the kids are up and to the window they go,
everyone has a look of confusion, they don't know.
The adults go outside so they can see,
all are looking around for what it could be;
finally one adults points up to the skys,
snow coming down,we must squint our eyes;
way in the distance far away,
something is there,but we cannot say;
fighter jets are flying past,
going back and forth very fast;
they seem nervious about what's in the sky,
leave it to old nana to say we're all going to die;
the other adults look at her and shake their head,
somebody wispers it's time for her to go to bed.
The kids are piled up at the door with glee,
all full of excitment trying to see;
whatever it is, it's headed this way,
we all start wondering if we should stay;
finally logic takes over at last,
someone shouts:"turn on the radio,fast".
Unfortunately,the kids get there first,
all wanting their station to play,tears begin to burst;
seems father knows what to do,
looks at the kids and says:"you don't like it-sue;"
finds a station that does just news,
everyone is quite trying to catch some clues;
the program is interuped with a special report,
there is an unidentified sighting of sort;
the local airbase has sent up planes,
radar sees nothing and this gives pains;
remain calm and stay indoors, the report does say,
stay tuned for futher developments thru the day;
the kids have started seculating what it could be.
such a vivid imagination even from the littlest one of three;
he says its monsters and demons coming to attack,
not to worry,cause he'll protect us all and fight them back;
this gives the kids a new avenue to play,
we adults still don't know what to say;
nightfall is here and the day is finally done,
the kids are all in bed,tired from their fun;
still nothing definite of what's in the sky,
even satilite pictures have a clouded eye.
Mother and father trying to remember where all the gifts are stashed,
hoping that none of the toys for the little ones are mashed;
in a few hours time it will be day,
with wrappings and boxes a complete disarray;
the kids are now up and running around,
full of excitement making Christmas sound;
chaos and confusion is what the day brings,
with all of us showing off all the new things.
Aunts and uncles still buying clothes the wrong size,
all of us wish they would really start to get wise,
the scientests finally agree as to what was in the sky,
it was a gentleman called Santa Claus was the reason why.
This Christmas started out like all the rest,
but so far this has turned out to be the very best.
So, whirther your gathering is large or small,
remember to be joyfull and full of cheer to one and all.

Monday, December 3, 2007


As you travel on this day,
remember what the lord does say,
love one another as if you,
words and actions speak love too;
always set His day aside,
these two things He asks to abide.
Light not shadow is the way,
this you walk every day;
helping others learn to see,
what god's love can trully be;
finding peace inside yourself,
and put worries on a shelf.
Alone you will never be,
walking together you and he.
So, as you travel on this day,
remember what to always say,
"The lord is my shepard,
He shall guide my way".


seasons greetings one and all,
welcome to a celebration on this ball;
the fun begins when we do say,
"I celebrate this very day";
A smile I pass to everyone I see,
eventually my smile returns to me;
the same warmth and joy that comes from me,
from the other person is what I do see;
So, pass a smile eveeywhere you go,
where it ends up, i do not know;
You may have to practise before you get it right,
but once you do, you will see the light;
it's not an easy task you see,
try many times so you can be;
passing on to everyone you see,
a smile of warmth and joy like it should be;
big and small, one and all,
join the celebration on this ball;
So, remember what to always say,
"I celebrate this very day".