Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The winter nights'
they are so cold
there is no movement
no one is so bold
this is the time of season
one reflects with a reason
words and actions that were cast
of the seasons that have past
starting off when spring was born
many paths in fields worn
seeing all the many things
the different way life begins
from flowers in the ground
to the flying creatures that are bound
brother,sister, they have grown
so much bigger with admired tone
the young now come out to play
for this is a new and sunny day.
Summer brings the welcome of shade
some are natural, some are made
lazy days are required
waisting energy makes you tired
water sharing is a must
without liquid, we are but dust
changes of the leaves begins in fall
everyone knows this both big and small
the time to gather is at hand
food and supplies from the land
getting ready for a long winter nap
before the sprinkling of the white snow caps
another year that has passed
reflecting back
depends on how long winter will last.


Waking up late to start the day,
playing catch up is what you pay;
now it's time for mid-day break,
but there's so much paperwork,it's like a lake.
The boss is screaming down the hall,
telling everyone to get on the ball;
watching the clock,sets your pace,
but it's like being in a losing race;
finally it's time to go,
now the traffic,don't you know,
dealing with the utterly insane,
idiot people trying to change lane;
finally at home,safe and sound,
a chance to breath, no one's around,
the worries of the day are left behind,
now it's time to relax and unwind;
with the setting of the sun,
you know the day is finally done.
The many colors in the sky,
gives a visual delight to the eye;
every day it's always new.
So when the day has been really tough,
and you fell that you've had enough;
sit outside and watch the sky,
see the beauty to the eye;
the final finish of the day,
a beautiful sunset in every way.


What a friend you are to me,
you are what it's suppose to be;
in our lifetime many people come and go,
it's the good ones that you always know.
I'm a very lucky man you see,
with someone like you, i have to be;
thru the steps that we have had,
you have always made me glad;
when i count my friends on my hand,
i start with you ,for you are grand;
you are truely one of the best,
far superior than the rest;
in the good times and the bad,
you have stood beside me
it makes me very glad.
I can never go wrong with you,
smart,witty and beauty too.
So i have to say,
you are sunshine on a rainy day.