Sunday, October 19, 2008


Star tribe walked the land,
disguissing themselvs the best they can;
coming back from the stars,
having memories, leaving scars;
not physical ones that you can see,
unless you can look inside of thee;
inside where the spirit dwells,
thoughts and stories that it tells;
of when they first began,
before they walked upon the land;
travelling distances from far away,
landing on earth,making their stay;
helping the people that are here,
to start to grow and overcome fear;
this is part of the original plan,
no more doubts of i think i can;
to become becons of light,
and chase away the fright;
they came to help mankind survive,
to them everything became alive;
the creatures big and small,
fellowship with one and all;
sky people walked the ground,
now limited by physical bounds;
passing their abilities in our genes,
to the rest of the unverse,we're only teens;
they would return one day, they said,
thoughts and memories in our head;
they told us, that when we dance on the ground,
that they would hear the spirit sound;
to them it matters not time and space,
when we dance,we are in a different place.
So, brothers,sisiters, join with me,
a celbration dance for all to see;
for we are the children that were cast,
from the Star tribe of the past.

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