Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Mothers are the queens of our heart,
this they capture right from the start;
Mothers start each day witha smile and a hug,
making sure at night you are safe and tightly snug.
Mother dry the teers from your eyes,
giving cheers when you are full of sighs.
Mother tolerate all the dumb things that we do,
for in their eyes, you're still a child of but only two.
Mothers have the magic to turn bad into good,
they don't say what you can't;but,say what you could.
mothers make the outside world seem far far away,
always in your corner. leting you know they will stay.
Mothers are the cream of the crop,
on any list of bestness, they're always on the top.
So as i kneel upon one knee,
and give my thanks to the lord that be,
I pledge my honor to none other,
than to you, my Mother.


my father paints the summer,
with the colors that will be;
orange,red,blue,and green,
that is what we see.
My father paints the reaching skies,
with cloud puppets for the eyes;
different characters that they be,
some are looking at each other,
some are looking right at me.
My father paints the landscape
that makes up all the ground;
bushes,trees,rocks,and boulders,
everything that is around.
My father paintsthe quitness,
that only one can hear,
whispers of stillness,
from the heart to the ear.
My father paints a picture
for my soul to see,
the he has made everything
to give blessings onto me.
Mt father paints with perfection,
making brush strokes full of love;
letting me know that he has painted me,
as He smiles down from above.
So, if you ever wonder how grand it all can be.
Look into a mirror, a at the wonderment of thee.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007


To make the circle stand,
it is the divine relationship of man;
building blocks to hold you in,
this was one of the original sins,
the circle spirals upward or down,
the attitude is simple either a smile or a frown,
left foot,right foot,wrong, right.
Do you walk in darkness or in Light?
The only answer there can be,
it's ...either/or.....I hope you see,
simple is the way we talk,
it is also how we walk,
So listen to the heartbeat of the land,
and you'll see why the creator is so grand,
the next time you feel like dancing in a ring,
do so proudly and let your spirit sing,
spirits of the circle that we are,
wheither we're near or very far,
together we shall always be,
dancing in a circle for the glory of Thee,
for we know that it is right,
dancing in the circle of Light.