Monday, November 26, 2007


Brush your teeth,wash your face,
today you get to present your case;
am I worthy or am i not?
This has been given conciderable thought;
Do i jump forward or stay in line?
I wish someone would give me a sign.
I scan the room for what I can see,
wait a minute...who's this standing next to me?
I have never seen this person before,
what do you mean there is another door?
Here they come marching in as one,
this will be a long day,i don't see this as fun;
lining up and ready to go,
who will be the first to throw?
vollying shots back and forth with glee,
looks like they're really out to get me;
head to head, toe to toe,
how much time is left to go;
suddenly I'm slaped in the face,
so much for my side of the case;
a few more days and it will be done,
am i locked up or do I see the sun;
need to talk to a representive of me,
to find out what he can truly see;
the judge is looking strangely this way,
this has not been a very good day;
I'm not guilty, I want to scream,
but no one is listening so it seems;
my side is really taking a toll,
it seems winning is not our goal.
So to the side line I do go,
my mind wasn't quick enough is all I know,
maybe tomorrow I'll have better luck,
trying to kick the ball instead of trying to duck.


There are many people who can't decide,
going thru life on a back seat ride,
never willing to sit at the wheel,
like a boat hitting the waves without a keal;
which direction should I go,
don't ask me, I don't know,
others look to me for advice,
I just flip the coin, or roll the dice;
life is to short to worry about the small,
just smile alot and have a ball;
mistakes are made to help us learn,
unless it's the same mistake, then you burn;
I don't ask you to walk my way,
just start out with a smile each day;
it's very simple once you see,
have joy in your heart and a smile of glee.
So,remember this as you walk the land,
don't worry,smile alot, for life is grand.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I'm calling to the sea,
if any messages are for me;
memories of the smile that I knew,
kisses from your lips that the wind blew;
the warm and gentle touch of you,
radiance of love that was so true.
Reaching outward to the sky,
your image, the only thing in my eye;
longing for the closeness of your face,
brings me back to another time and place.
When we were starting out- oh so young,
hand in hand,doing anything was fun;
"forever" we said we would be,
hand in hand,you and me.
We both joined the service of light,
for we knew this was absolutely right;
assignments given to strange lands we did go,
even apart we knew our love would grow;
never complaining, neither one of us would do,
they had chosen us, because our love was true.
You were the one full of love,
like the gentleness of a turtle dove;
I was the one who had been tamed,
you said it was me you had claimed.
Now many many years have passed,
they never told us how long this would last.
So, here I sit in the stillness of the night,
longing for your love that was so right;
loneliness and solitude,I sit upon the sand,
with only memories of us hand in hand;
hoping and yearning for a signal from you,
to give my heart life and become anew;
yet another night has past,
how much longer can I last?
Again, I put a call out to the sea,
to see if there are any messages
from you to me.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I knew some friends when i was young,
joy and happiness in our hearts we song;
together forever end ever we would be,
this was obvious for everyone to see;
we made a pack that we would hold,
our friendship would last as we got old;
nothing would ever tear us apart,
we gave an oath with blood from our heart;
no matter what obsticals came our way,
with support from each other it would be ok;
thru 12 years of school, we always stood be,
always giving a shoulder if one needed to cry;
marriage,dicorce,collage, and jail,
we were together no matter what the bail;
we knew that together we stood as one,
nothing was stronger except the light from the sun;
Then it all changed one day,
and you started to fade away;
first it was lillte things and it started out slow,
why didn't you tell us, I will never know;
you were different but you wouldn't say why,
you began hiding from us then you started to lie;
borrowing money from everyone you knew,
not doing the the things you normally do;
suddenly unable to hold down a job,
some say that you started to rob;
in and out of your house all night long,
the neighbors suspected something was wrong;
the type of people that hung out with you,
the criminal types and hookers too;
spiraling downward you did go,
we offered to help,but you kept saying 'no';
Then there was the call late one night,
you sounded scared and full of fright;
an abandon house was where you were,
you owed money or your death would accur;
supposedly you had left the house ,is what they had said,
outside someone came up and shot both of you in the head;
the years have passed, and I'm now old,
I continue to visit for a promise that was told;
I lost two of the most precious things to me,
my best friends I will never again see;
why didn't you listen to what they had said,
if you do 'crack', you will wined up dead.
So, when they say:"it hurts no one except for me",
that's an outright lie that they don't want to see.


I sing praises to your name,
my soul is what you claim,
the many things that you have put me thru,
shows to others what my faith is in you,
walking in the glory of the light,
doing what god expects of me and doing it right;
loving everyone that i can see,
including the lonely creature that is me;
brothers,sisters, we are one,
thru Christ Jesus,God's begotten son,
for He is the lamp upon my feet,
may God bless everyone that I meet,
So, I say this to you now,
I give alliance from my heart I vow;
forever and ever we shall be,
walking together He and me.


As i walked along one day,
I came across something of dismay;
a burning bush I did see,
this was really unusual to me;
had the flames of fire,but no heat,
i've seen tricks but this had them beat;
then i heard a voice not shouting but loud,
the only thing around was a vert large cloud;
I fell to my knees with worry and fright,
then i saw the most beautiful of light;
the voice spoke to me and said not to fear,
it was filled with loving kindness that was dear;
said I had to get his people together,
that they would leave egypt forever;
gave me a staff and words to say,
to tell the pharaoh that we were going away;
the pharaoh didn't want us to leave,
they had many gods, they could believe.
So I told him the plague would come,
he just sat there pretending to be dumb;
one by one they ravaged the land,
he refused to believe they were from God's hand;
it was he who chose the final cure,
it was the one that was the very worse;
that the new borns would all die,
right in front of their mother's eye;
the wailing was heard thoughout the night,
all the citizens awoke with fright;
all 12 tribes gathered as one,
collected our belongings then it was done;
we travelled all night and all day,
trying to keep the chariots at bay;
at the red sea we were blocked,
egyptians behind us,we thought we were locked;
I raised the staff above my head,
I did exactly what god had said;
the water parted for all of us to cross,
the egyptians were late and they all lost;
we gave our praises and thanks on the other side,
for we knew that our God had not lied;
God called me up to the mountain for a talk,
I told everyone i be going for a walk.
So up into the clouds i did go,
the rest of the people watched from below;
in stone his words were placed,
He said they were for the entire race;
after everything he had done,
his people worshiped idols in the sun.
we were punished for 40 years,
wondering about with constant tears;
Moses was my name,
and this was a story of my fame.
So take it from the man who knew,
God almighty will always be true.