Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Stars at night

Why do we look at the stars at night,
at the vast sea of sparkling light?
A child's wonderment that's in our eye,
with calm and peacefulness within us lye;
no longer thinking of time and space,
looking at the stars,we'rein another place.
Remembering a time when we weren't alone,
this touches us in the center of our bone;
groups and clusters we did name,
anywhere on earth it is the same;
remembering a story that once was told,
of a people who were adventurous and bold;
maybe its a way to remind us how to get back;
our charts and compasses, we now do lack;
to go beyond what we can see,
maybe this is how it's suppose to be;
or maybe inside of us there is a light,
that can't be seen with ordinary sight;
and it reaches out to the light above,
to make the connection we call love.

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