Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Mothers are the queens of our heart,
this they capture right from the start;
Mothers start each day witha smile and a hug,
making sure at night you are safe and tightly snug.
Mother dry the teers from your eyes,
giving cheers when you are full of sighs.
Mother tolerate all the dumb things that we do,
for in their eyes, you're still a child of but only two.
Mothers have the magic to turn bad into good,
they don't say what you can't;but,say what you could.
mothers make the outside world seem far far away,
always in your corner. leting you know they will stay.
Mothers are the cream of the crop,
on any list of bestness, they're always on the top.
So as i kneel upon one knee,
and give my thanks to the lord that be,
I pledge my honor to none other,
than to you, my Mother.

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