Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Waking up late to start the day,
playing catch up is what you pay;
now it's time for mid-day break,
but there's so much paperwork,it's like a lake.
The boss is screaming down the hall,
telling everyone to get on the ball;
watching the clock,sets your pace,
but it's like being in a losing race;
finally it's time to go,
now the traffic,don't you know,
dealing with the utterly insane,
idiot people trying to change lane;
finally at home,safe and sound,
a chance to breath, no one's around,
the worries of the day are left behind,
now it's time to relax and unwind;
with the setting of the sun,
you know the day is finally done.
The many colors in the sky,
gives a visual delight to the eye;
every day it's always new.
So when the day has been really tough,
and you fell that you've had enough;
sit outside and watch the sky,
see the beauty to the eye;
the final finish of the day,
a beautiful sunset in every way.

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