Monday, December 3, 2007


seasons greetings one and all,
welcome to a celebration on this ball;
the fun begins when we do say,
"I celebrate this very day";
A smile I pass to everyone I see,
eventually my smile returns to me;
the same warmth and joy that comes from me,
from the other person is what I do see;
So, pass a smile eveeywhere you go,
where it ends up, i do not know;
You may have to practise before you get it right,
but once you do, you will see the light;
it's not an easy task you see,
try many times so you can be;
passing on to everyone you see,
a smile of warmth and joy like it should be;
big and small, one and all,
join the celebration on this ball;
So, remember what to always say,
"I celebrate this very day".

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