Monday, March 19, 2007

Riding a Rainbow

Riding on a rainbow,would be fun to me
all the colors that you and i can see
red,orange,blue, and green
shades of colors in between
thet say at the rainbow's end is a pot of gold
when i finished ridingit, i would be too old
riding a rainbow in the middle of the sun
sounds like it would bo lots and lots of fun
riding on a rainbow, what a wonderment to the eye
wheither its a full arch or just a patch of sky
when the rain clouds come in from above
once its' over then you get to soo God's love
with a wave of his finger, makes the rainbow band
for all to see his love for us is grand
what color would you start with, end up, or become
or you might be a collection, a total of the sum
whatever color you decide
it will touch you deep inside
so, the next you see a rainbow floating in the sky
imagine what it would be like riding it so high.

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