Tuesday, March 27, 2007


As you travel on this day,
remember what the Lord does say;
love one another as if you,
words and actions ,show love too,
keep His day set aside,
these two things he asks to abide.
Light not shadow is the way,
this is what you travel today.
He will always be your guide,
step by step, stride by stride,
alone you will never be
walking together, you and he.
He is the key to every door
all shall open forever more,
faith and belief is what they say,
start right now this very day,
give Him all that makes up you,
and he will rebuild and make you new.
In his light you will grow,
and with his love you will know;
You are a reflection of his light;
darkness cowards from your sight.
Speading his love to all that be,
helping others to learn to see.
So, head held high and show no fear,
this is part of the reason why you are here.
Stepping out upon this day,
remember what to always say:
"The Lord is my shepard, He shall guide my way".


angelcnu said...

Wonderful. I like it. Thank you kindly for letting me see it.

Cassie said...

I like the poem star tribe. It has a meledy to it. The really good peoms written from the heart usually do. But thank you again for putting those poems up there. Hoot Hoot.