Sunday, July 8, 2007


I've done many things in my life,
some of chaos,some of strife;
many places i have been,
being wild since i was ten;
on the streets i did live,
taking anything but i would not give,
then one day i heard of you;
this was a concept totally new,
here was someone who thought of me,
thought of the best of what i could be;
many relationships i have had,
never long and always sad;
So,when i got to know you,
and found out all that you could do;
I had to stop and wonder why,
you had chosen me,the center of your eye;
I heard the words you had said,
gives me peace of mind when i go to bed,
warm and safe inside your arms,
nothing of the world can do me harm;
I now know what love can truelly be,
because of you i now can see;
the earth and stars can pass away,
but your loving words will forever stay;
So, I pledge the heart and soul of me,
that i shall always walk in the light of Thee.

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