Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Dancing lights in the sky,
tears of sorrow to my eye;
things remembered, things forgot;
things of memory that is sought,
fleeting glimses of the past,
friends and family that were cast.
Learning together how to be,
all were thinking "us", not me;
old and young, we were together,
striving to make our village better;
passing on what we earned,
having our young schooled and learned.
In the ways that were taught to us,
every young one, it was a must.
How one walked upon the land
is what made our people grand.
People knew us when we came,
honor and nobility in our name.
Tools of life were made with skill,
unlike anything from a mill.
Stories good and bad were said,
of the living and the dead.
All things of the land we knew,
what was what, and who was who.
Creatures of the land and sky,
were brothers and sisters in our eye;
peace and harmony was our way,
this we breathed every day.
Then there was a rip in space;
that brought forth the evil face;
screams and howlers were the sound,
shook our village and the ground,
turned the day into night,
all the creatures stood in fright.
Planes were made to get away,
women and children would leave that day.
The old remained and stayed as bait,
knowing that they sealed their fate.
Every direction we did go,
air and water,land and snow,
with the creatures we had fled,
all except the injured and the dead.
No one knew where the others went,
promises that messages would be sent.
So, we travelled to the stars,
memories of loved ones inside jars.
Across the distance of time and space,
all had traveled at a frantic pace.
Until we thought enough time had passed,
then we gave our thanks at last.
Celebrations done at night,
dancing to the stars of light;
hoping that the ones we knew,
were out there dancing too.
To different worlds we did land,
with no choice but to stand;
constantly looking in the sky,
some remembering ,some wondering why.
Looking at the stars all the nights,
waiting for a signal of the dancing lights.
The very young are much older now,
doing things and wondering how;
though loved ones are far apart,
each determined to make a new start;
to teach others what to do,
the young,the old,and even the new.
Mixing with the people of these lands,
passing our abilities in their gene strands.
Sharing of the ways of light,
so that all can reach new heights.
This is our peoples' way,
this we do every day,
helping others learn to grow,
teaching of light is what we know.
But in the quiteness of the night,
we still look for the signal of the dancing lights.
Our hearts still yearn for those we knew,
once we were many,now we are few.
It's been a long time since i danced the song,
I look around... so many friends are gone.
So, when you look at the stars at night,
please....please tell me , if you see the dancing lights.

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