Wednesday, July 25, 2007


You are a lighthouse standing strong,
giving guidence to all that come along,
standing on top of a cliff,
or standing by a shore,
or standing on an island even more,
giving comfort on a dark and stormy night,
relieving the tension and dispell the fright,
the light that seen far out from sea,
telling others that home they soon will be,
when it's time to stand your post,
giving light along the coast,
making sure that all can see,
the powerful light that comes from thee.
Only one house is built to hold the light,
that is why you stand upright,
reaching out into the sky,
telling all they need not cry,
like a heartbeat in the night
pulsating the might light,
thru all different seasons
and all types of weather,
giving comfort and reasurance
to all creatures including the feather,
this is something that you do with grace,
for pride and stability is your base.
So, raise your head and hold it high,
you are the Mighty Lighthouse....
that is why.

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