Monday, October 29, 2007


I saw my Lord one day,walking down the street;
asked him where he was going,
the reply was someone i need to meet,
so i followed behind him as he continued on his way;
He traveled thru the night,and even futher thru the day;
He continued walking without even a moments stop,
me-I was becoming tired and knew soon i would drop.
sudenly he stopped and turned his head my way,
abrubtly I was taken back and knew not what to say;
standing silently there looking right into my eys,
I saw such great love and tenderness that i began my cries;
He gently placed his hands on me and said that i would be ok,
then He picked me up and said it's time to be on our way;
I finally had to ask him who He was to meet,
He said:"A very special person who i have waited for,
I have knocked many times but he never opened up the door."
Then why do you waist your time with a man to blind to see?
His reply was simple"This man is special onto me";
I slowly told him to go on and not to wait for me;
He just smiled and gently laughed,said i was who he was to see.
But lord, i'm no one special as i began to say;
He gently hushed me quite,and said no longer from this day;
you have followed in my footsteps no matter where i go,
never once complaining this i truly know.
Today the door was opened and full amount of light came in,
now you walk in righteousness forgiven for all your sins;
You are my precious child and i have watched you grow;
now that you are much older it's time you finally know;
every time that you had stumbled and fallen to the ground,
I stood there silently crying tears that had no sound;
I wanted to reach out to you,
and let you know all that i could do,
back then you did not listen to what i tried to say,
you said you were to busy, that maybe on a latter day;
then i decided to walk in front of you,
my love for you just grew and grew,
my heart is full of joy and delight,
for you are continuelly walking towards the light;
Now that you have seeked me out,
our journey takes a brand new route;
for now you and i shall be,
together thruout all eternity;
now you know that I am there,
and that I shall always care,
no matter where you go,
my love for you will always show;
So,as you step upon this land,
give praise to my father,
for he is grand.
In fellowship we will be,
for you are special onto me.

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