Monday, October 29, 2007


No more violence, no more pains;
no more bloodshed, no more stains;
no more hatred, no more lies;
no more suffering, no one dies;
peace and happiness we shall be,
giving glory to the light of Thee.
The next time someone knocks on your door,
don't pre-judge until you hear some more;
this just might be the key you lost,
for it was thru Christ who paid the cost;
to break the chains of our sins,
that is where life eternal begins.
So begin to kneel and bow,
a book was written that tells us how,
this is one that from the start,
was written by the heart;
some say that it was by man,
we know that it came from the right side of the hand.
So open up to the middle of the book,
it's called 'New Testament' and take a good look;
read what it says about that man,
and the miracles he did as he walked the land;
then decide inside your mind,
if he was truly loving and kind,
if you do indeed agree;
then you will begin to see,
what's god's plan is for you and me.

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