Monday, November 26, 2007


Brush your teeth,wash your face,
today you get to present your case;
am I worthy or am i not?
This has been given conciderable thought;
Do i jump forward or stay in line?
I wish someone would give me a sign.
I scan the room for what I can see,
wait a minute...who's this standing next to me?
I have never seen this person before,
what do you mean there is another door?
Here they come marching in as one,
this will be a long day,i don't see this as fun;
lining up and ready to go,
who will be the first to throw?
vollying shots back and forth with glee,
looks like they're really out to get me;
head to head, toe to toe,
how much time is left to go;
suddenly I'm slaped in the face,
so much for my side of the case;
a few more days and it will be done,
am i locked up or do I see the sun;
need to talk to a representive of me,
to find out what he can truly see;
the judge is looking strangely this way,
this has not been a very good day;
I'm not guilty, I want to scream,
but no one is listening so it seems;
my side is really taking a toll,
it seems winning is not our goal.
So to the side line I do go,
my mind wasn't quick enough is all I know,
maybe tomorrow I'll have better luck,
trying to kick the ball instead of trying to duck.

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