Sunday, April 1, 2007


When I first heard his name,
I knew that to me He had a claim;
an unworthy soul I thought I was,
for all my sins was the reason because.
He said that I special in his eye,
and that was why his son did die;
from that day on, I have walked,
and studied his word so i could talk;
guided by his gentle hand,
I now walk proudly upon the land.
He has shown the way for me,
and i'm not afraid for others to see.
I give glory of Thee to one and all,
to every creature big and small;
brother,sister that are we,
forever and ever we shall be.
He is the answer to all our prayers,
all our dreams,hopes,and cares,
thru him I now can see,
what god's love can truly be.
I'm now reborn in his sight,
he's filled my body full of light.
He's my savior now can't you see,
I pledge my soul forever to be.

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