Tuesday, November 6, 2007


As i walked along one day,
I came across something of dismay;
a burning bush I did see,
this was really unusual to me;
had the flames of fire,but no heat,
i've seen tricks but this had them beat;
then i heard a voice not shouting but loud,
the only thing around was a vert large cloud;
I fell to my knees with worry and fright,
then i saw the most beautiful of light;
the voice spoke to me and said not to fear,
it was filled with loving kindness that was dear;
said I had to get his people together,
that they would leave egypt forever;
gave me a staff and words to say,
to tell the pharaoh that we were going away;
the pharaoh didn't want us to leave,
they had many gods, they could believe.
So I told him the plague would come,
he just sat there pretending to be dumb;
one by one they ravaged the land,
he refused to believe they were from God's hand;
it was he who chose the final cure,
it was the one that was the very worse;
that the new borns would all die,
right in front of their mother's eye;
the wailing was heard thoughout the night,
all the citizens awoke with fright;
all 12 tribes gathered as one,
collected our belongings then it was done;
we travelled all night and all day,
trying to keep the chariots at bay;
at the red sea we were blocked,
egyptians behind us,we thought we were locked;
I raised the staff above my head,
I did exactly what god had said;
the water parted for all of us to cross,
the egyptians were late and they all lost;
we gave our praises and thanks on the other side,
for we knew that our God had not lied;
God called me up to the mountain for a talk,
I told everyone i be going for a walk.
So up into the clouds i did go,
the rest of the people watched from below;
in stone his words were placed,
He said they were for the entire race;
after everything he had done,
his people worshiped idols in the sun.
we were punished for 40 years,
wondering about with constant tears;
Moses was my name,
and this was a story of my fame.
So take it from the man who knew,
God almighty will always be true.

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