Monday, April 16, 2007


Where should I be
while sitting in a tree?
This is the thought
that has accurred to me.
Branches at the top
back and forth they sway,
all the night, and all the day.
The center is to crowded,
many who landed,and the doubted.
The bottom branches are to low;
also big animals reach up
don't you know.
So thinking where to be
while sitting in a tree,
takes alot of concentration
for a little thing like me.
Gazing up into the sky,
watching all the clouds go by,
seeing all my fellow friends
flying up and up so high.
I wonder what they think of,
while looking down at me;
trying to figure out
where to place me in the tree.
I bet I look quite strange
for all of them to see,
a little bird like me (giggle)
standing next to the tree.

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