Monday, April 23, 2007


I look at the stars in the sky,
and have to stop and ponder why;
I wonder what that light is for,
is it to another door?
are there people on the other side?
Would they look like me,or have a different hide?
Do they wonder about the stars above,
and do they have a concept called love?
How far would you say I have to go,
in order to find out and really know?
Would it take a lifetime or would it be more,
before I finally reach the light above the dooor?
Every night I look at the stars in the sky,
it's as though they're blinking to my eye;
sending me a signal that I can not read,
is it an invitation or a warning to take heed.
I can't stop looking at the vast sea of light,
maybe it's purpose is to keep away the things of fright.
All I know is that I'm happy when I see,
all those lights blinking back at me.
What they are there for I really can not say,
all I know, I'm thankfull for at night they guide my way.
So, if you ever find out why they're in thwe sky,
please don't tell me,cause I enjoy wondering why.

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