Monday, April 23, 2007


One circle makes the land,
one circle is where we stand;
brothers,sisters, we are one,
as seen thru the eyes of the sun;
the old tell stories to the young,
of the great deeds that were done;
simple tales of how things were,
before the earth spirit became a blur;
now with buildings,cars,and roads,
we are losing the original codes.
"Respect all" is what was said,
this was given from the heart to the head.
"Judge not others", until you know,
how they themselfs made their bow.
"Take only what you need",
cut it down,then plant a seed.
"Look to nature" when in doubt,
this is what it's all about.
Remembering on how we are to be,
intune with everything that we see;
all of us are together,
this shall be for ever and ever.
So head held high and show no fear
this is why we are still here.

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Wanda said...

People should read this.