Sunday, July 8, 2007


If i came to you with a sigh,
would you give your shoulder so i could cry;
if i asked you for a helping hand,
would you push me down into the sand;
If you were given a chance to right a wrong,
would you do it quickly or would you take very long;
If i had a special gift to give,
and it showed you a better way to live;
would you share with everyone you knew,
or be selfish and keep it just for you,
If someone gave their life for you,
would you remember and honor them too.
Well, a person did do this,
to give you soul eternal bliss.
He died for us in a forien land,
to show God's love is truly grand;
2000 years ago this did accur,
now today it seems like a blur.
If you were to die on this day,
when you saw god, what would you say;
would he be familar with your name,
or would you have to make your claim;
to explain how your life has gone,
all the right , and all the wrong;
would it balance out for you,
to go to heaven and become a new;
or would it wind up with a sigh,
and down you go to forever fry.
If it's difficult to present your case,
what would it be like face to face;
to make it easy for you to go,
here is something you should know.
akey was given for heaven's door,
it would unlock it forever more;
to make it work from the start,
you have to believe with the heart;
that god sent his only begotten son,
who rose again before the day was done.
This is the secret to get you in,
with christ on your side, you will always win.

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