Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Here i sit and ponder,
thru the window I look yonder;
to see if anyone passes by,
maybe they'll stop and wave a 'hi';
or maybe something will catch my eye,
a dog, a squirrel,or even a butterfly.
I see someone that i don't know,
could it be a friend or is it a foe;
they haven't seen me looking yet,
their mind is on other things I bet;
it's not that I'm to small to see,
it's just that they're to tall to be.
they're to busy looking on the ground,
to see all the things that are around;
the many patterns in the sky,
gives wonderment to the eye;
leaves that have fallen from the tree,
the different shades of color for all to see;
a piece of paper rolling down the way,
so many things,I can not say;
patiently sitting by the window frame,
looking content and ever so tame;
but let a mouse or lizzard cross my path,
and watch me leap with a tiger's wraith,
I might softly 'meow' instead of a roar,
but don't be fooled, I know so much more.
We've been honored and revered thoughout the ages,
we've been there at mankind's different stages;
wheither building pyramids out of stone,
or attempting to cast spells with animal bones;
you see I'm heir to a long mystical line,
it's cause I'm a cat, I'm one of a kind.

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