Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I'm calling to the sea,
if any messages are for me;
memories of the smile that I knew,
kisses from your lips that the wind blew;
the warm and gentle touch of you,
radiance of love that was so true.
Reaching outward to the sky,
your image, the only thing in my eye;
longing for the closeness of your face,
brings me back to another time and place.
When we were starting out- oh so young,
hand in hand,doing anything was fun;
"forever" we said we would be,
hand in hand,you and me.
We both joined the service of light,
for we knew this was absolutely right;
assignments given to strange lands we did go,
even apart we knew our love would grow;
never complaining, neither one of us would do,
they had chosen us, because our love was true.
You were the one full of love,
like the gentleness of a turtle dove;
I was the one who had been tamed,
you said it was me you had claimed.
Now many many years have passed,
they never told us how long this would last.
So, here I sit in the stillness of the night,
longing for your love that was so right;
loneliness and solitude,I sit upon the sand,
with only memories of us hand in hand;
hoping and yearning for a signal from you,
to give my heart life and become anew;
yet another night has past,
how much longer can I last?
Again, I put a call out to the sea,
to see if there are any messages
from you to me.

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