Monday, November 26, 2007


There are many people who can't decide,
going thru life on a back seat ride,
never willing to sit at the wheel,
like a boat hitting the waves without a keal;
which direction should I go,
don't ask me, I don't know,
others look to me for advice,
I just flip the coin, or roll the dice;
life is to short to worry about the small,
just smile alot and have a ball;
mistakes are made to help us learn,
unless it's the same mistake, then you burn;
I don't ask you to walk my way,
just start out with a smile each day;
it's very simple once you see,
have joy in your heart and a smile of glee.
So,remember this as you walk the land,
don't worry,smile alot, for life is grand.

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