Tuesday, November 6, 2007


I knew some friends when i was young,
joy and happiness in our hearts we song;
together forever end ever we would be,
this was obvious for everyone to see;
we made a pack that we would hold,
our friendship would last as we got old;
nothing would ever tear us apart,
we gave an oath with blood from our heart;
no matter what obsticals came our way,
with support from each other it would be ok;
thru 12 years of school, we always stood be,
always giving a shoulder if one needed to cry;
marriage,dicorce,collage, and jail,
we were together no matter what the bail;
we knew that together we stood as one,
nothing was stronger except the light from the sun;
Then it all changed one day,
and you started to fade away;
first it was lillte things and it started out slow,
why didn't you tell us, I will never know;
you were different but you wouldn't say why,
you began hiding from us then you started to lie;
borrowing money from everyone you knew,
not doing the the things you normally do;
suddenly unable to hold down a job,
some say that you started to rob;
in and out of your house all night long,
the neighbors suspected something was wrong;
the type of people that hung out with you,
the criminal types and hookers too;
spiraling downward you did go,
we offered to help,but you kept saying 'no';
Then there was the call late one night,
you sounded scared and full of fright;
an abandon house was where you were,
you owed money or your death would accur;
supposedly you had left the house ,is what they had said,
outside someone came up and shot both of you in the head;
the years have passed, and I'm now old,
I continue to visit for a promise that was told;
I lost two of the most precious things to me,
my best friends I will never again see;
why didn't you listen to what they had said,
if you do 'crack', you will wined up dead.
So, when they say:"it hurts no one except for me",
that's an outright lie that they don't want to see.

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